DJ Joey Coolstyles presents...

Brand Ball 2k17

The Festival of Orbs

Feat. DJ Joey Coolstyles & DJ E-Mood

Wednesday, December 13th
10:00pm - 2:00am
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As we enter the season of company holiday parties, DJ Joey Coolstyles and DJ E-Mood are focused more than ever on dancing up a sweat - and those sweat stains will be more visible as the night progresses. We're going from Brand to Too Drunk to Standâ„¢.

For this event, we're going to be looking at several key KPI indicators:

  1. Number of people in a single conga line
  2. Number of times the phrase "Oh shit, this my jam!" uttered
  3. DAU's (Drinks Accidentally Upturned)

If we can improve these metrics by 500%, we're all going to Aruba.

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